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Hi! I'm Dave Naugler and welcome to my site. This is where I'll have my most up to date film and video content. To view older work, please visit my YouTube page.


I've grown up in Boise, Idaho my whole life and traveled all over the country. While traveling I always had some sort of tech on me to either take photos or take video. It was early in life that I fell in love with film making and video content.


In 2016 I graduated with my Bachelors in Web Design and Development, afterwards I started my own independent web and graphic design business. This was fun and still is to this day but the I get board with static images that didn't move. Hence, I wanted to to edit video professionally, instead of as a hobby.


​In 2018 I began working in downtown Boise for a local creative/marketing agency as a video editor and haven't looked back since.


Today I'm equipped with the experience, knowledge, and passion for the the shoot and the edit. I absolutely love shooting content and bringing it back into the office and brining life to that story.